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About Circle City Blues

Circle City Blues is a community of people in Indianapolis, IN who share an enthusiasm for Blues music and the dance that coincides.  Our goal is to share the music, culture, and movement that is Blues Dancing.


First Saturdays
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All of our lessons are beginner friendly! No partner required; however, you are more than welcome to bring one!


What is Blues Dancing?

Blues Dance is a group of vernacular dances which developed alongside Blues music in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Finding its roots in African dance, Blues Dance draws inspiration from the grounded aesthetic and layered movement. This form of dance is largely improvisational and is based on the connection between the dancer and the earth.  Musicality, personal movement, and connection to the dancer’s emotion are aspects that make Blues Dance unique.

Here’s a sample of Blues music!

For more on What is Blues Dancing? Check out our Media Tab!


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